Musique est une femme – Internationaler Video-Wettbewerb

Deadline: 31.08.2020


Even a progressive philosopher like Jean-Jacques Rousseau shared that opinion. And although women have been writing music for centuries, their output has always been considered less important. Till recently, they have never had the same professional opportunities as their male peers. Nowadays at last, more and more women composers are becoming part of the history of music and feature regularly in concert programmes.

Musique est une femme is a project which aims to reinforce this process. It is a joint initiative by the foundation TAK-Temat Aktualny Kultura /Poland, Handelsbeurs Concert Hall/Belgium, Molyvos International Music Festival/Greece, and the Cēsis Concert Hall/Latvia.

Our first step is to launch a short video competition. Express your opinion in the form of a short video, or just a meme. It can be a look at the stereotypes, or you could give your impressions upon discovering a great female composer, or you might focus on some interesting details of her life. Decide on your own form and content.

The only condition is that the topic must be the heritage of women composers and/or stereotypes around the composing capabilities of women.

The following prizes are available:

  • the public prize 650 € (the winner will be selected in the online voting)
  • the first prize 550 €
  • the second prize 450 €
  • the third prize 350 €

Please fill in the inscription form and upload your video here…

The NEW DEADLINE for submission is 31st of August  2020. On 4 September 2020 the  videos  will be uploaded onto the portal with the option of online voting. People will have time until the midnight of  27 September 2020 to vote for their favourite.

The winning videos, and other particularly convincing efforts, will be uploaded onto a special YouTube site, which will feature not only the videos, but also recordings of music composed by women.

Here you can refer to the terms and general conditions of the video competition Musique est une femme.

Please participate and share your opinion. Contribute to the online discussion about unfairly forgotten music composed by women before the beginning of the XX century. The scientific coordinator of the project is Dr Marlena Wieczorek.

Musique est une femme is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

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