Classical:NEXT 2020 Innovation Award

For the very first time, the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award was broadcasted online. As voted for by the international community, Classical:NEXT is pleased to present this year’s three Innovation Award recipients.

The decision was made to offer a digital version immediately following the announcement of the postponement of the 2020 edition of the annual art music gathering. Given the current climate, innovation has become integral to the further development of the global ecosystem and to recognise the leading projects taking place around the world was very much in tune with the state of affairs.

„Innovation is good, imagination is good, new is good, professional and entrepreneurial thinking is good, but more important is quality, access and participation. If you have them, you have chances.“
– Ian Smith, chairman, European Music Council & 2020 Innovation Award People’s Choice Speaker

The online version of the 2020 Innovation Award was hosted by Mischa Kreiskott of NDR Kultur. The ceremony is now available to view again on the Classical:NEXT website and through the official Classical:NEXT YouTube channel.

Watch the Ceremony


And The Recipients Are…

Liza Lim and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music,
Composing Women


For being the only higher-level composition programme for women demonstrating a sustained, strategic commitment to change. Liza Lim and the Composing Women programme has a strategic vision, resilience and ongoing commitment to excellence. It represents a successful model which could be – should be – adopted far and wide.

Liza Lim sent in a special video message from Sydney to accept the Award:

„It’s so fantastic to see the range of projects happening all over the world, that show music’s power to connect and inspire people and to make real social change. […] Thanks to Classical:NEXT for this honour and international recognition of the Composing Women programme.“

– Liza Lim, Sculthorpe Chair of Australian Music,
Sydney Conservatorium of Music


Sustainable sound
Alternative materials for instrument building


For addressing the urgent ecological problem and representing the future direction of instrument building. Partones is taking ground-breaking steps forward in this field, designing their materials according to certain three-dimensional structures in the anatomy of wood which can also be applied to materials of animalia in order to achieve durability, workability and acoustical equality of the paragons.

Armin Seebass, co-founder and head of product development, joined the ceremony via Zoom to receive the Award on behalf of Partones.


Splendor Amsterdam

The Netherlands

For showing great ability to survive and thrive (financially and politically) in desperate times. The musicians never cease to pursue their own passions and dreams about music making, while involving audiences to make them part of their inspiring world.
„To receive this award at this moment is very poignant and very special
and very, very valuable. […] To get this award at this moment, is such a boost.
It’s a confirmation of the little thing that we do here and it feels so very local,
right in the middle of Amsterdam, but to feel bigger reverberations all over the world
and see that it’s being noticed and being rewarded, thank you so much.“

– Mattijs van de Woerd, Splendor musician &
chairman of the board of the Splendor Foundation


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